IDC Wire to Board Connectors

IDC Wire to Board Connectors, IDC Transition Headers, Ribbon Cable Connectors

Highly competitive, quality, permanent and detachable  wire to board connections using the IDC method to connect ribbon cables to PCB's. MPSI provides 3 PCB mounted subcategories:
Male IDC Transition Headers provide permanent cable termination and are available for both through-hole and SMT placement to help meet assembly needs & space constraints.
Male Box Headers enable detachable termination and are available in 2 with a centre polarisation slot to ensure correct mating.
Male Latched Ejector Headers similarly enable detachable termination but locking latches prevent inadvertent release. Available in 2 row, polarisation and short, medium & long latches.
Mating with the above are our cable mount IDC Ribbon Cable Connectors. Available in 2 rows, pitch sizes 1.27, 2.0 and 2.54mm and with & without strain relief. Read More

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