COVID-19 Service Update

MPSI are continuing to operate normally at present and are practicing various measures to ensure optimum safety.

Government imposed restrictions apply in many regions to contain the spread of coronavirus, but this does not (at present) restrict movement of goods. We are closely managing our supply chains to mitigate risk, ensure high service levels, fulfil orders and answer enquiries as promptly as possible.

In these unprecedented times we must highlight some factors that we are managing as the situation continues:

Our manufacturing facilities have resumed normal operation but with slightly extended response and lead-times.
Minor shipping delays are being experienced from China due to high volume of exports and reduced airline capacities.
Some European suppliers are subject to government restrictions and may be unable to operate/ship goods impacting us.
The supply chain in the UK is becoming impacted by this epidemic and staff absences.

Should the UK government impose tighter operating restrictions on companies, the situation deteriorate such that we become unable to receive and ship goods this will unfortunately affect our ability to operate as before and fulfil orders.
We are monitoring the ongoing situation and potential risks all the time and commit to keeping you updated.

We thank all our suppliers and customers for their ongoing support and understanding and encourage everyone to please take care in the present circumstances.

MPSI Limited, 24th March 2020

MPSI Coronavirus Monitoring

Coronavirus Monitoring – 13th March 2020

Many of our manufacturers in China and Taiwan have resumed business, are shipping orders and are doing their utmost to ramp-up production and clear order backlogs. Standard lead-times are typically extended by 2-4 weeks however and full manufacturing capacity is expected to be achieved during April and May 2020 provided the coronavirus remains controlled.

A key factor in the ongoing delays are the Government imposed restrictions that still apply for staff to self quarantine for 2 weeks before returning to work. This not only impacts our manufacturers in terms of manpower, but also their suppliers of essential raw materials. This is a gradual process and we are working very hard with both our manufacturing partners and customers to meet requirements and minimise any adverse effects.

At present, response times from our facilities may be delayed. Due to the considerable backlog of orders and very high volumes of goods now being shipped we are experiencing short transit delays from freight forwarders and couriers.

MPSI is never complacent and is communicating with all of our facilities regularly to assure supply and still offer comparatively short lead-times with minimal impact.

We thank you for your understanding during this period. Should you have any particular queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to resolve them.

MPSI Limited, 13th March 2020

MPSI Coronavirus Monitoring

Coronavirus Monitoring – 10th February 2020

Despite millions of people returning to work in China following the extended holiday, many factories remain closed.
Initially it was understood that factories would reopen 10th February – this has now been extended to 17th February.

The shutdowns are having a major impact on global supply chains. MPSI is communicating with all of our facilities regularly to assess the ongoing situation and they in turn are communicating with Government authorities in order to manage simultaneously business resumption and containment of the virus.

Our manufacturers are advising that lead-times will likely extend by several weeks as factories manage increased backlog demand, production ramp-up and staff shortages. Normal CNY order backlogs have been worsened by this virus outbreak. For airfreighted goods, we may be subject to short delays while DHL, Fedex, UPS & TNT address high package volumes.

This situation is dynamic and any potential government imposed restrictions on factories or on movement of goods may impact further. We commit to review this regularly and update customers.

Should you have any particular queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to resolve them in conjunction with our manufacturers. 

MPSI Limited, 10th February 2020


MPSI Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Statement – 4th February 2020

MPSI is a specialist supplier of goods from Asia, namely China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We understand that the Coronavirus situation will be of concern to our customers.
This is especially so given that this outbreak has coincided with the lengthy Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday period.

MPSI maintains communication with our facilities throughout CNY as a routine activity. At the first onset of reported Corona Virus issues, we communicated immediately with our facilities and freight forwarders in order to mitigate any possible risks. We sought clarification over order completion and any possible impact upon lead-times and shipments.

We continue to communicate regularly so that we can assess the developing situation. Many of our facilities operate in other provinces (notably Guangdong) to the most seriously affected Hubei province. These facilities are abiding by the Government enforced closures and extension of CNY holiday to help reduce the potential spread of the virus.

At present our facilities and freight forwarders are closed until at least February 10th 2020. At cessation of CNY, many workers return to the industrial regions and there is a recognised delay in normal business resumption while they recover a full quota and production capacity. The government enforced closure, travel restrictions and health concerns due to Corona Virus are impacting upon the numbers returning and timescales of those returning to work. These will affect production capacity and output at least initially. Many of our facilities are expecting no more than 2-3 weeks lead-time impact due to the government enforced holiday extension – this may alter if there is a further extension of the closure.

MPSI makes the following commitments to our customers:

We will communicate honestly and openly with you.

We will continue to stay informed of the developing situation, proactively work with our manufacturing facilities and our freight forwarders to make regular assessments of the manufacturing situation and any restrictions or delays on the movement of goods so that we can adapt our approach accordingly.

We commit to keep you informed of any issues that may impact upon open orders and product lead-times.

We will collaborate with you to understand orderbooks and forecasts to enable us to take proactive actions on material supply where necessary.

Should the situation deteriorate and subject to the level of deterioration, we can consider to review and switch supply (with your approval) to alternate manufacturing facilities as we maintain multiple facilities.

Due to the nature of our supply we are reliant upon goods from this region like so many companies globally.
This situation is highly changeable, hard to predict and beyond our immediate control. Issues such as China Government imposed restrictions on business and travel together with the pace of factory resumption after CNY can all change and thus we may need to revise this information.

Should you have any particular queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to resolve them in conjunction with our manufacturers. 

Brett Markham, Director MPSI Limited, 4th February 2020

Download this statement:




USB Type C Connectors

MPSI announces the release of our range of low cost, high performance USB Type C PCB Mount connectors.
Also available upon request – cable mount Type C Connectors and a variety of Type C interconnect leads.

Key Features:

Reversible Small Form Factor
10 Gbps Data
100 Watts of Bi-Directional Power
Improved EMI/RFI Shielding & 5A Current.
High Durability – 10,000 Cycles
Software Compatibility with USB 2.0 and 3.0
Mates with Male Type C Cables (Requires Adaptors to mate with USB 2.0 and 3.0 Cables)

Available in the following package styles, supplied in Tape & Reel Packaging.

 Vertical PCB Mount SMT
 MPSI CONNEX 607-0001
PCB Mid-Mount, 90° Dual Row SMT
MPSI CONNEX 607-0005
PCB Mid-Mount, 90° Hybrid
MPSI CONNEX 607-0006
PCB Top-Mount, 90° Hybrid
MPSI CONNEX 607-0007
PCB Top-Mount, 90° Dual Row SMT
MPSI CONNEX 607-0009

Samples are available in stock at MPSI now, please contact us for more details, pricing, data and samples, thank you.

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