Molex 48392-0003 – MPSI Replacement 605-0006.

MPSI can provide a highly competitive, short lead-time replacement for now obsoleted Molex 48392-0003.

This device is an unsual Reverse Mount, Type A, USB 3.0 Connector. 

NB: Our device does not have a drop-in exact PCB Footprint but price savings achievable by deploying 605-0006 makes this a highly affordable proposition.

We typically have available inventory, or can ship in 3-4 weeks from requirement.

For more details and support, please email or call. We are here to support you.

605-0006 USB 3.0 Conn, 1 Port Type A Female, Reverse Type, 90° Horizontal Mount, TH. Can Replace 48392-0003.

Data available here: MPSI 605-0006 

MPSI Limited, 23rd November 2023