IEC Inlet+Switch


High reliability IEC Filtered Power Entry Modules combining C14 IEC inlet & switch in a compact all-in-one solution. Configuration options include the choice of chassis panel mount or snap-fit, low profile and miniature. Termination options include 6.3mm faston terminals, 4mm solder terminals and pre-wired. Switches are available as a standard black rocker switch or alternately red or green illuminated. Electrically, our power entry modules are available with 1A – 10A current ratings, 115/250 VAC, hipot rating (line-to-line) 1450 VDC and line-to-Ground 2250 VDC. Excellent line to line & line to ground EMI suppression. UL/CSA, TUV, VDE, CQC & CE safety compliance. Application options include: Standard/High Performance, Medical Grade and IP Rated Versions. Please refer to datasheets or enquire for product specific options & safety approvals.

IEC Inlet + Fuse + Switch IEC Inlet + Fuse IEC Inlet + Switch

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